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Well, it’s Monday but I don’t think that means what it used to. We used to dread Monday morning. Having to get up early, get the kids ready for school, get to work on time. Are you missing some sense of normalcy? I purposely didn’t take out the garbage last night so I would have to get up early and do it. Otherwise, why does it matter what time I get up? I took out the garbage and then went for my normal walk of 2.5 miles. It was kinda eerie due to the lack of consistant traffic on the roads. I came back and did yoga and meditation. One thing I can say for this quarantine is my self-care is on point! I took yesterday to watch documentaries on healing and depression. I am also readiing a book about setting boundaries (shouldn’t be too hard right now).

What are somethings you have been doing to take care of yourself? Here are some ideas.

1. Take a bath. A long luxurious bath. When do you get the chance to do that? Add some epsom salts and essential oils. Light some candles. Prepare the room as if you were doing it for someone you love, because you are. It’s you. 

2. Read a book. Not because you have to, because you want to. Read that trashy novel you bought for vacation or a self-help book that has been sitting on the shelf. Something uplifting, avoid apocalyptic types. 

3. Phone a friend. Make it someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Wouldn’t it be nice to recconect with someone that you care about but haven’t spoke to because your lives were “too busy”?

4. Rearrange your room. Declutter. Don’t make it a chore. Make it about having a space you love and can find solace in during this dark time. I have made my yoga mat a permanent piece of furniture in my bedroom. I am writing you from it now. 

5. Again, start a gratitude journal. I used mine yesterday to take notes on things I want to learn more about. My currentcurrent  interest is herbal medicine and tribal shamanism. Yours might be car maintance or the theory of relativity. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something you love. 

At this time, prayers and good vibes for those affected, our healthcare workers, researchers, clerks, truckers, police, fire, etc are always a good way to spend your time. 

Much love-K

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