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It’s the weekend…but it’s been the weekend all week!

Today I would like to talk about motivation. Currently I need some for cleaning my house but that is another story. The motivation I want to talk about is motivating yourself by trying something new. It is easy to just sit around and watch the news or Netflix. What should we be doing instead?

Is there something you have wanted to try that you just haven’t had time for? Mine is painting. My daughter Catherine is a very good artist and painter. It has been very intimdating for me knowing I will never make something as good or easily as she does. I have nothing but time right now, so I have decided to get out of my own head and try. Maybe not today, but soon. 

What are somethings that you are interested in? YouTube has nearly every kind of tutorial you could ask for. Need new recipes, hairstyles, makeup tips, car maintenance, organization hacks? It’s all there. I would recommend trying something new. Not only is it good for killing time, it’s also great for your brain. I recently read a study that says learning a new skill no matter what it is, helps to ward of Alzheimer’s. 

When I do paint something I will show you all. I guarantee it will be abstract. haha

Thanks for stopping by. Be well!

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